Janie Rocks! Not only is she a fabulous groomer, she will love and treat your dog like her own! You can't find anyone better!
— Charla Williams

Welcome to Janie's Dog Grooming! We're glad you're here!

Janie's Dog Grooming, in Burleson Texas,  wants you to know that pets are very much like humans when it comes to grooming. Just like you, your pet will feel much better and be healthier when they are bathed, have their hair brushed and nails trimmed on a regular basis.
Many times during grooming, lumps, infections, and other problems are routinely discovered and just with humans, it's better to discover any potential problems as soon as possible. At Janie's Dog Grooming, your pet will be bathed, brushed, have their nails done, ears cleaned, and have those annoying mats removed that can be so uncomfortable to your pet.